Babiš dismisses EU report

The Czech PM is sure he had fulfilled his obligations under Czech law by putting Agrofert in a trust fund, saying that the Czech Republic would not return any grants from the EU. According to him, it is worth mentioning that the European Commission's leaked report on his conflict of interest came right before EU budget talks.

Babiš repeated that due to European subsidies for Agrofert companies, he was not in a conflict of interest. An analysis published by Minister of Justice Jan Kněžínek (ANO) is going to be sent to the European Commission. According to the Minister, Babiš's procedure corresponds to Czech law.

"The question of who is the beneficiary is not decisive," Kněžínek reported. Stated by him, the law is not inconsistent with the European regulation. At the same time, however, lawyers did not investigate European law. "It's not our responsibility," he said.

Minister of Regional Development Klára Dostálová (ANO) stated that she does not plan any changes in the distribution of subsidies, because PM Babiš does not participate in budget implementation - does not provide subsidies, does not participate in financial management or audits. Minister of Finance Alena Schillerová (ANO) therefore added that returning of subsidies is currently not an option.

Also, Kněžínek said that lawyers see no reason to change the current version of the law on conflict of interest, according to which Babiš has transferred his assets to the Trust Fund. "If it is a well-functioning trust fund, then it is ensured that there is no conflict ... the trusteeship manager is the third person, and it is his responsibility,” Kněžínek said.

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