Stubb attacks Orbán at Helsinki EPP congress

Former Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb launched a fresh attack against Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in a short interview with conservative Hungarian news site Pesti Srácok.

Stubb - competing with German Manfred Weber for the position of the European People's Party (EPP) top candidate position at next year's European elections - said illiberal democracy is incompatible with the European Union and the EPP,  the two being mutually exclusive.

Viktor Orbán must change his opinion and embrace European values. If he is not willing to do that and keeps talking about illiberal democracy, then we have nothing to discuss

He added that should Orbán stick to his opinion, launching a procedure to expel (Hungarian ruling party) Fidesz from the EPP could not be ruled out. Stubb also said that while he has great respect for the other candidate, Weber, he considers himself being left of Weber. "The top priority in my program is to defend European values. Digitization, making European economies more competitive, climate protection and security are also important topics, but I also have a proposal on how to solve the issue of migration," Stubb said.

Orbán and other Fidesz officials have repeatedly stated that they support Weber's candidacy against that of Stubb.

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