Sulík: Juncker’s proposals regarding asylum are unacceptable

Richard Sulík believes that the European Union is in better shape now than it was before the presidency of Jean-Claude Juncker. Despite this fact he believes the European vision of Juncker is controversial.

The leader of the liberals believes that Juncker’s comments about the necessity of a united Europe are not reflecting the reality and the European Comission’s president efforts. “In various countries the eurosceptical parties were strengthening, not to mention Brexit, where Juncker was not lifting even a finger to keep Great Britain in the EU. We are more distant of a concept of a united Europe than we were four years ago.”

Sulík also believes that despite the falling numbers of asylum seekers this mere fact won’t solve the immigration issue. “If the problems are huge because a million people with a different cultural background arrived to a country and the next year the number of the arrivals drops by eighty percent, that means the problem instead of solving is actually 20 percent more actual,” pointed out Sulík who believes Juncker’s concept of asylum politics is unacceptable.

The leader of SaS thinks that the vision in reality includes Dublin 4 and a 250, 000 euro fine per capita for not fulfilling the quota. “It is the highest time for this mister to end his presidency of the commission because otherwise he would cause a lot of wrong deeds," Sulík said  

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