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Babiš´s ANO promises to protect Czechia

Dita Charanzová announced that ANO's motto for the EP election campaign is: "We will protect Czechia with strength and without compromise," and will focus on security, environment, and dual quality of food.

The ANO movement has launched its campaign for the European Parliamentary elections.

During the press conference, Babiš was wearing a red cap with the inscription “the Strong Czech Republic”. Babiš found inspiration in the United States, where he liked the campaign motto of US President Donald Trump, “Make America Great Again.”

The Czech PM said that Europe must change and needs strong leaders. "I want the Czech Republic to be strong, we all want the strong Czech Republic, a confident country, of which we all want to be proud," Babiš said. "Why do we want to protect the Czech Republic? We have prevented senseless quotas. We want to decide who will live in our country and who will work here,” he added.

One of the aims of the ANO movement is to protect the Czech Republic from nonsensical ideas from Brussels, such as regulation of carrying weapons or from extreme views on climate change.

Dita Charanzová will lead the ANO movement´s candidate list to the elections. Charanzová said that the ANO program is about an actionable Europe, security, and equal conditions. The MEP added that the European Union's mission is a safe and prosperous continent. According to Charanzová, it is important for the EU to distribute issues better, to know what can be solved by the particular Member States and what needs to be addressed at a European level.

According to recent opinion polls, Babiš´s ANO is the clear favorite of the elections in Czechia. It could receive up to 28 percent of the votes, followed by the Civic Democrats (12 percent), and Pirates (10.5 percent).

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