Babiš and Netanyahu discuss defense and healthcare

At yesterday´s meeting in Jerusalem, Andrej Babiš and Benjamin Netanyahu discussed, among other things, cooperation in defense, security and healthcare. The possible transfer of the Czech embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was reportedly not a topic.

Regarding the current diplomatic dispute between Israel and Poland over the Holocaust, Babiš said he is confident that this issue will soon be explained and that both countries will continue to cooperate.

In Jerusalem, the V4 summit was originally scheduled to take place with Israel. However, Warsaw at the last moment canceled Polish participation due to alleged anti-Polish statements by Israeli leaders. The summit thus changed into a series of bilateral meetings.

Czech Prime Minister Babiš, who was in Israel on his first visit, called Israel a strategic partner and hopes that an Israeli-Czech intergovernmental conference will be held this year in the Czech Republic. The last one was held in Jerusalem in 2016.

After his meeting with Netanyahu, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that his country would open a business representation with diplomatic status in Jerusalem, unlike the cultural center set up of which Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini declared in the upcoming six months.

The Slovak prime minister also told journalists that he had invited his Israeli colleague to Slovakia. According to Pellegrini, Slovakia is the last country in Central Europe which Netanyahu has not yet visited.

All three Central European Prime Ministers also had a discussion with Netanyahu on security, defense and cooperation in science and research. They were interested, among other things, in automation systems in the automotive industry which the company Mobileye based in Jerusalem has 20 years of experience.

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