Commentary Babiš visiting the USA

Babiš builds relations with US

We tend to judge the visit of Prime Minister Babiš to the White House only through the eyes of the Czechs, missing out important details. The American President always has a good reason for meeting someone, he needs something. The meeting between Babiš and Trump was of strategic importance for the Americans - they wanted to ask Babiš on which side he stands.

The strategic importance of the meeting illustrates the variety of topics that President Trump discussed with Prime Minister Babiš. The Americans wanted to assure themselves that they could count on the Czech Republic. The United States always looks for an ally in someone who has the situation in their own country under control. For this purpose, the Czech Republic and especially Babiš seem ideal.

For the current US president, trade agreements with individual powers have priority. The EU's Free Trade Agreement with the United States is also being negotiated. Negotiations are being conducted by the European Commission, but individual countries can push Brussels as well. Thus, an ally from within Central Europe can be useful for the US.

At such a moment, a "friend" from a Central European country can be useful. Even at the press conference after the meeting, Babiš said Trump complained that talks with the EU went worse than those with China. The Czech PM promised he would ask if the talks could be more effective.

Also, the meeting at the CIA was important. No individual cases needed; it could just be considered a confirmation of the willingness of Czech intelligence services to work with those of the United States. In this respect, Babiš's meeting may be the diplomatic event of many decades. From now on, the Czech Prime Minister will have to treat the United States as its main ally. It is hard to take back anything that has been agreed upon in the White House.

President Miloš Zeman is probably not happy about this since he has been building an alliance with Russia and China in recent years. As a pragmatic politician, however, he is probably aware that Babiš has no other choice.

While some of the Czech public was worried about the country turning towards Russia or China, the Americans have read the Czech situation perfectly, and now we may find ourselves with a stronger US bond than it used to be in the past.

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