Babiš: If people are safe, they will not need to leave their countries

A solution to the Syrian conflict has been the biggest challenge related to Arab countries, and Europe has had "a huge delay" in dealing with it, Czech PM Andrej Babiš told journalists after his speech at the EU-League of Arab States (LAS) summit.

"Those who were forced to leave their homes deserve a chance to start their lives again and gradually build prosperity. I think they can't do it without our help," Babiš said, adding that it is essential to focus on the roots of migration, i.e., poverty, lack of opportunities and poor economic prospects.

We need to help the people in places where they live. If their homes are stable and safe, they will not run away. Therefore, the Czech Republic is active in the regions affected by migration and the refugee crisis in the Middle East and North Africa. "We are one of the largest contributors to the EU trust fund for Africa," the Czech PM said.

At the summit, Babiš invited Egypt's President Abdul Fattah Sissi to Prague. He could possibly come next year to participate in the opening of an exhibition about ancient Egypt at the National Museum. Babiš also met with the chief of Jordanian diplomacy and asked him to open an embassy in Prague.

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