Globsec: Babiš lures investors to Czechia

At a panel discussion focusing on young entrepreneurs and talent, Czech PM Andrej Babiš lured investors to the Czech Republic, describing Czechia as the most successful country in Europe and one of the safest in the world.

During the Globsec conference, PM Andrej Babiš, together with Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini, participated in a panel discussion dedicated to young entrepreneurs and talent.

"The Czech Republic is doing well. We are the best country not only in the region but throughout Europe. If you want to invest, Czechia is the best place to do so; it is the place of the future," Babiš said. According to Babiš, Czechs are innovative and rank among the top in many professions.

Unlike Slovakia, the Czech Republic does not plan to adopt the euro, which Babiš explained by the fact that the eurozone needs changes. For example, Greece and Italy, according to Babiš, should leave the eurozone if they do not make the necessary reforms.

According to the Czech PM, the European Union is at a crossroads, for example, in connection with Britain's withdrawal from the EU and migration. Babiš said that a no deal Brexit would be a problem not only for Britain but also for all the other Member States. He criticized the management of the EU budget as well as the fact that the European Commission proposes to increase the EU budget at the time of Brexit.

Prime Ministers of the Czech Republic and Slovakia then agreed that the European Union should focus on cybersecurity and hybrid threats.

"Cybersecurity should be one of the top priorities since in today's changing world, protecting our communications is more than necessary. Together we have the potential to become a global leader in innovation," Babiš said.

According to the Prime Minister of Slovakia, hybrid threats have become real threats. "It is not enough to protect just our borders to ensure our security," Pellegrini added.

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