Babiš: NATO membership is a commitment

The Czech Republic understands NATO membership is an active commitment and a co-responsibility of other countries, said Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš.

"There are ideas that new European Union agencies should combat such threats [cybersecurity]. On the contrary, I think that NATO should deal with these issues as well," Babiš said, stressing that entering NATO was an important step for the Czech Republic to ally with the West.

Babiš also highlighted the participation of Czech soldiers in foreign missions, e.g. in Afghanistan. "Our soldiers are among the best in NATO. I heard them being praised in the United States and Sinai, where we have 18 soldiers and the CASA aircraft," the Czech PM said. According to the prime minister, Czech participation in foreign missions shows that "we do not only rely on the fact that someone will protect us, but we also understand NATO membership as our active responsibility for others".

Babiš also repeated that he does not see a reason for building a common European army. "Each member state has its army, and we are in NATO. The Alliance is part of Europe's security," he said.

Celebrations, as well as a military parade, were attended by other Prime Ministers of the V4 countries. All V4 Prime Ministers agreed that the importance of NATO has not diminished over the past 20 years.

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