PM Babiš: There is no government crisis

At the ČSSD leadership meeting, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) said the minority ANO-Social Democrat (ČSSD) government is very successful and both parties will keep the government going despite speculations of a crisis.

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) unexpectedly attended the Social Democrat (ČSSD) leadership meeting, which was focused on the selection of the new Minister of Culture, replacing Antonín Staněk. Although some journalists speculated that ČSSD is also deciding whether to remain in the government, these assumptions have proved to be unfounded as Social Democrats have expressed unequivocal support for the government.

After leaving the meeting, Andrej Babiš said that ČSSD wants Michal Šmarda, the Deputy Chairman of ČSSD, to become the next Minister of Culture. According to the coalition agreement of the ANO movement and ČSSD, Social Democrats are the ones making decisions on the Ministry of Culture.

In the coming days, PM Babiš will also meet with the ČSSD Chairman Jan Hamáček to discuss the next steps.

"I am glad that our government is ready to carry on doing its job and I think that I have done my best to keep it that way. At today´s meeting, I said that our government has its purpose as well as great results. And the ČSSD leadership clearly thinks so, too. Soon, I am going to meet with Jan Hamáček to discuss further plans," PM Babiš stated.

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