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Babiš: The Ministry of Labor to save for the next increase of pensions

PM Babiš announced that he plans to raise pensions further. The government currently has funds to increase the pensions by 700 CZK per month, but Babiš would welcome if it were 900 CZK. Primarily the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs will have to find funding to do so.

Besides domestic affairs, Babiš commented on helping Syrian orphans, the case of the driver, Jiří Sagan, sentenced in France for smuggling migrants, and an eventual meeting with Donald Trump.

Since the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has the largest budget chapter, the government must look at the usefulness and meaningfulness of the benefits and employment in this sector. "For example, billions for IT bills, abuse of benefits and other operating costs certainly deserve attention, as various controls have pointed out. The minister is still coming up with suggestions on how to spend money, but she is not very into saving," Babiš said, criticizing the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Maláčová, adding that it also applies to the Office of the Government and all ministries.

The interview also addressed the question of Syrian orphans who MEP Šojdrová wants to bring from Greek camps to the Czech Republic. "I am convinced that we are supposed to help the children where they were born, where their natural environment is. The idea of ​​moving them here is nonsense,“ says Babiš who considers Šojdrová´s latest effort to be her pre-election theme.

The discussion about the Czech driver Sagan imprisoned in France, on the other hand, was used as the pre-election theme by Šojdrová´s colleagues MEP Tomáš Zdechovský and Marian Jurečka, who is a candidate for the chairman of the KDU-ČSL.

Finally, Babiš did not confirm a meeting with Donald Trump at the White House as he has no yet received an official invitation.

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