Czech government announces new ministers

PM Babiš proposed the appointment of two new ministers to President Zeman during a meeting at Prague Castle this week. Vladimír Kremlík has been suggested for Minister of Transport, while Minister of Industry and Trade Marta Nováková will be replaced by Karel Havlíček.

PM Babiš announced that the President has agreed with his proposed government reshuffle.

The changes to the government will take place on April 30th, when President Zeman returns from his visit to China. According to PM Babiš, the president had no issues with any of the proposed candidates, plus he knows Havlíček well.

PM Babiš said he had also discussed the structure of the entire government with Zeman and did not rule out any further changes. The media, for example, speculates over the resignation of the Minister of Justice, Kněžínek. No official word has been released on that just yet.

When pushed, the PM refused to discuss the reason for Nováková´s departure. But stated it is not related to an incident during a meeting of foreign investors, when Nováková, at the request of the Chinese ambassador, asked for the departure of a Taiwan representative.

As for Kremlík, PM Babiš said he has known him for a long time. "He's a professional, hard-working man; I think I have checked the information that I received about him properly," Babiš said. Kremlík worked as a lawyer for the National Property Fund of the Czech Republic, for Czech Airlines and several energy companies.

PM Babiš said Havlíček will also do a good job. Simultaneously, he described the Ministry of Industry and Trade as a complex department, which is influenced by various business groups. Havlíček's task is mainly to solve the issue of nuclear energy, bureaucracy and science and research.

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