New amendment

Czech MPs approve faster expulsion of sentenced foreigners

Foreigners who have been repeatedly sentenced for a criminal act could now be expelled within six months.

The Czech Chamber of Deputies have approved an amendment to the Act on Residence of Foreign Nationals. The act also introduces special one-year long work visa permits and compulsory integration courses for foreigners. One hundred and twenty-nine deputies have voted in favor of the amendment while 20 of them voted against it.

Interior Minister Jan Hamáček said the main reason behind the amendment was to shorten the process of foreigners’ expulsion from two-plus years to six months at most. Currently, when we want to expel a foreigner who has been repeatedly convincted of crimes, it takes years, reminded Hamáček, adding that the Administrative Court would have no more than 90 days to appeal such an order. According to Hamáček, there are around 400 cases a year affected by the amendment.

Regarding mandatory integration-adaptation courses, every foreigner with a long-term residence permit would have to undertake it within one year after the permit’s entry into effect. Courses are going to be held in the Centers for the Support of Foreigners’ Integration of Foreigners which is to have an office in every region. Expected cost for courses amounts to 142 million CZK.

The amendment also simplifies procedures for the foreign labor force by introducing special one-year long work visa permits. Additionally, it is supposed to allow the Government to set quotas for economic migrants, which would set a maximum amount of residence permit applications related to work that Czech embassies may accept per year. Nowadays, embassies are usually overwhelmed by thousands of applications.

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