Czech politicians look forward to ongoing cooperation with Israel

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) and President Miloš Zeman have congratulated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on winning the parliamentary elections. Zeman is pleased by the decision of the Israelis, hoping for further cooperation as well as moving the Czech embassy to Jerusalem.

Prime Minister Babiš published his congratulations via Twitter: "Congratulations to Mr. Netanyahu on the victory. I keep fingers crossed for him to continue his work as Prime Minister". Babiš recalled that he had recently met with the Israeli Prime Minister and invited him to visit Prague. The Czech PM described Israel as a strong and innovative nation that is a great inspiration for the Czech Republic.

President Zeman sent a congratulatory letter to Netanyahu in which he wrote: "I am pleased that the Israeli people have confirmed their agreement with your political agenda and renewed your mandate, allowing you to continue to shape not only Israeli politics but also to participate in regional and international affairs". Zeman hopes to continue the "fruitful cooperation" between the Czech Republic and Israel and to fulfil his dream of moving the Czech embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Foreign Minister Tomáš Petříček also published his congratulations on Twitter. Petříček hopes for further development of the strategic partnership between the Czech Republic and Israel, and that the new Israeli government "will come up with particular steps towards achieving the much-needed peace in the region".

ODS Chairman Petr Fiala also appreciated the election result and said: "Likud is an ODS partner, so I congratulate Benjamin Netanyahu on his party's significant success and wish him soon to be able to form a stable right-wing government”.

TOP 09 chairman Jiří Pospíšil called Netanyahu's victory a phenomenal result, recalling that Netanyahu may become Israel's longest-serving prime minister. "The elections will strengthen stability, there will be no political experiments," Pospíšil said, adding that he considers Israel to be a key ally of the Czech Republic.

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