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Czechia establishes external border protection center

The police and customs have opened the National Situational Border Protection Center (NSCOH) to ensure the cooperation of security forces for the protection of the Czech Republic's external border.

Interior Minister Jan Hamáček said Czechia´s goal has always been to have safe external borders and to remain the seventh safest country in the world. According to Hamáček, the main aim of the NSCOH is information exchange as well as the support of the Frontex agency and individual countries laying at the external borders of the EU. The Center will now unite and control all the Czech national border security forces so that they can manage Czech responses to all the challenges regarding external border protection.

For example, the NSCOH will monitor illegal migration heading to the EU. Hamáček added that the EU has learned from the migration crisis and is gradually preparing to deliver what Czechia required, i.e., strengthening the external border while keeping the free movement of people.

The Center will have 31 employees and will operate constantly. Deputy Police President Martin Vondrášek explained that the NSCOH was founded based on the regulation of the European Parliament and the European Council and that similar centers are being established in all Member States.

According to the Police Presidium, the project was co-financed by the European Union, and the total costs amount to CZK 120 million.

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