Peace Index

Czechia is the tenth most peaceful country in the world

The Czech Republic has ranked tenth out of 163 evaluated countries in the Global Peace Index (GPI).

The Czech Republic continues to be one of the most peaceful countries in the world, although its position deteriorated slightly compared to last year. In the Global Peace Index (GPI), Czechia ranks tenth out of 163 evaluated countries, while last year it ranked seventh.

Worldwide, the index published by the British Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) has slightly improved. Iceland remains the most peaceful country in the world. On the opposite side of the chart, Afghanistan replaced Syria as the least peaceful country.  

According to the IEP press release, the GPI improved slightly for the first time in five years, with 86 countries scoring better, while 76 worsened. In addition to Iceland, New Zealand, Austria, Portugal, and Denmark rank among the most peaceful states. On the other hand, the situation in South Sudan, Yemen, and Iraq is slightly better than in Afghanistan and Syria.

The most peaceful region is Europe, which has maintained this position since the IEP started to publish the index in 2008. Most European countries (except some of the Balkan states, France ranking 60th, and Ukraine 150th) made it into the top 40 positions of the chart.

In recent years, the Czech Republic had been regularly improving from 21st position in 2008 to sixth position in 2017. This year, however, Czechia´s position dropped slightly.

The GPI is the result of a rating in 23 categories, such as crime rates, access to weapons, the size of an army and its armament, contributions to UN peacekeeping missions, relations with neighboring countries, and participation in foreign conflicts.

The Czech Republic has come out very well, for example, in terms of violent crimes, relations with neighboring countries, and political pressure on residents. The relative difficulty of accessing weapons, their import rates, and the low impact of terrorism also contribute to the country's peacefulness. On the contrary, the Czech position has worsened by the relatively high level of involvement in foreign conflicts, the ratio of the number of prisoners per capita, and the evaluation of security forces and the police.

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