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Don’t strike for climate, skip school instead!

Last summer in Sweden was apparently way hotter than usual because fifteen-year-old Greta Thunberg decided to fight against climate change by not going to school on Fridays.

Greta Thunberg became a global celebrity; she even spoke at Davos in front of tens of thousands of people. She called for lowering carbon emissions by a dramatic 15 percent a year, saying that oil has to remain in the ground. She basically rephrased delusional agendas of all the Green parties across Europe.

Sadly, it didn’t take long, and Czech kids got inspired by her. Two of them were even interviewed by Czech public radio, which was extremely painful to listen to. Their actions are just pointless. All the more so now, when kids are living the best life in kids’ history. They enjoy evident prosperity, and their attempts to define themselves against their parents’ generation is maybe appealing for the media, but in fact, they are just brats.

Those kids openly despise the hard work of their parents that allowed them to live in welfare households. Their fight is an exemplary kicking at an open door. In the name of environmentalism, tens of billions of dollars have been wasted over the past two decades. A green legislative, built on very shaky alarmists’ predictions of the end of the world caused by human actions, was adopted.

Europe, in particular, has been successfully eradicating a huge part of its traditional industry. It has been on a crusade against diesel engines, which were proven to be much more sustainable than battery powered cars. Is has closed down its clean nuclear power plants, and so on.

Words of kid activists about a better green future are a clear contradiction. No matter how many activists around the world with their fair-trade soy lattes are touched by them. Green future means economic lagging, reduced living standards, energy collapses and an inevitable bankruptcy of an overloaded European social system and public budgets.

There won’t be enough professional NGOs to employ all the green happiness prophets. So don’t strike for climate, skip school instead, losers!

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