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Environmental anxiety is a new diagnosis

Reports on climate change and the depletion of renewables seem alarming. However, society should not retreat to alarmists, as the number of their demands would increase.

According to early studies on the subject, pessimistic reports on climate change have an impact on the human psyche. Psychologists are starting to use the terms environmental anxiety and ecological grief to denote a specific fear of the world's end due to climate change.

A growing group of activists seeking to change society and reverse the destruction of the world also suffer from fear. These people daily demonstrate obsessively and fight to save the planet. Some of them even refuse to have children because of their anxiety, as they think the Earth is overpopulated.

The fundamental problem is that compromise, or rational solutions do not calm activists, rather the opposite - their fear grows even more. If they have reached the end of diesel cars somewhere, they start talking about the necessity of ending cars altogether. And after the cars, air transport comes next.

Psychologists warn that some people with environmental anxiety are beginning to feel an aversion to those who do not share their concerns. The alarmists feel that their opponents are preventing the world from being saved, which is very dangerous. So far, the alarmists demonstrate, but it is a matter of time before their anxiety and demands grow into ideology and the situation escalates.

They are often proved to be mentally disturbed individuals whom we should try to understand. But enough is enough. Politicians should not provide room for extreme solutions. As soon as a compromise agreement is reached, obsessive alarmists are not satisfied because they do not accept any arguments and want more and more. They need to be positively motivated. Psychologists recommend planting trees, and we can also look at examples from the past when, for example, during the Cuban crisis, the end of humanity seemed to be a real threat. But humanity has always overcome its major issues through its cleverness and diligence.

Moreover, I do not think that Europe is overpopulated, that is the problem of other continents. Not having children is not a solution, and society should not give way to alarmists, as their demands will increase.

Looking at countries that are allegedly not living with ecological debt, we find that Kyrgyzstan is supposed to be the best and Qatar the worst. Alarmists, in their fear of the future, lead us to the extreme, not to a sensible solution. Therefore, the silent majority must not be intimidated by an obsessive minority.

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