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The EU wants to forbid carrying knives

The EU came up with a new pointless and unnecessary directive of banning the carrying of knives. Because of terrorists, it wants to forbid carrying knives without good reason. However, it is impossible to forbid those knives that are usually used to kill, like kitchen knives.

In short, the European Parliament has urged member states to forbid carrying of the most dangerous knives, such as zombie knives or butterfly knives. However, I have probably never read any news that someone would have killed anyone using a butterfly knife. On the other hand, kitchen knives are used to kill quite often.

The police of the Czech Republic do not have the statistics of the knives used in the murders - why would they do such a thing anyway - but fortunately, we have the headlines. “A man pulled a kitchen knife and stabbed his friend several times”; “A man killed his friend by one stab of a kitchen knife”, “The court sent an 18-year-old man behind bars. He stabbed two policemen with a kitchen knife”, and so on.

People are being massacred by kitchen knives, but we are to forbid butterflies. Stupid, but no surprise, is it? Brussels officials are so disconnected from reality that they can hardly conceive something meaningful. Perhaps they think that if they do not forbid enough, citizens will start to question the meaningfulness of their existence and, above all, the meaningfulness of investment in their wages.

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