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Eurosceptics are the dark horse of the EU elections

Surveys reveal that Eurosceptic parties could do well in the upcoming European elections. One of the reasons is their changed strategy. Instead of insisting on local variations of Brexit, the eurosceptic parties focus on presenting different visions of Europe. This could bring unexpected success.

For example, we need to count Marine Le Pen´s National Rally, which is one of the favorites of the elections. The party is strategically retreating from insisting on “Frexit”, and instead claims that its goal is to change the EU in co-operation with other nations, not creating one European super-state.

"I think Europe is heading to the return of nation states, and we are part of this great political movement that supports it," said Le Pen. Many parties of the movement, such as Polish Law and Justice or Hungary's Fidesz, are from countries that benefit from EU membership and who clearly want to remain in the Union.

The chaos caused by Brexit discourages the voters, so the Eurosceptic parties cease to speak about possible local versions of Brexit. However, they criticize the current EU intensely. For example, in Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán launched a campaign that portrays Jean Claude Juncker as a puppet in the hands of financier George Soros. Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó, in an interview with Euronews, said he was looking for allies to back Hungary's anti-immigration policy.

The Italian Northern League, as well as the French National Rally and the Polish Law and Justice, then expressed their interest in the alliance with the Hungarian government and its anti-immigration policy. This unusual extent of willingness to cooperate shows that Eurosceptics have now chosen to dominate the EU from within and adapt it to their vision.

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