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I couldn’t believe it, says Czech man who won Pope’s Lamborghini

In a charity lottery, Czech man Vladislav N. won a white Lamborghini Huracán with gold stripes signed by Pope Francis. A ten-dollar ticket was enough for him to win the car worth hundreds of thousands of euros.

Pope Francis received the white Lamborghini from the Italian car producer in November 2017. In May of the following year, the car was auctioned for 715,000 euros. The money was supposed to go to charity. However, the winner who was, according to Bloomberg, a Spanish luxury car rental company, did not finish the transaction, so the car entered the Omaze online charity lottery.

“At first, I thought e-mails about my win in the lottery were a scam,” said Vladislav N. Vladislav did not send the ten dollars because of the car, but for charity. He said he would at least contribute to a good cause, to the people who need it.

The winner is worried about the media attention he has been receiving recently. He is not interested in publicity. However, he is happy that he won the car. "The car is a gem. Of course, it is of great value, but its true value is that it is the Pope's that it has Vatican colors and so on,” Vladislav says, adding that he had never won anything before.

Vladislav has not yet decided whether to keep the car or sell it. He is currently waiting for air tickets and an official invitation to the Vatican. He should get the keys at a private event attended by Pope Francis himself and the CEO of Lamborghini Stefano Domenicali. But he doesn't know the exact date yet.

"Meeting the Pope will certainly be interesting. I've never been to the Vatican before,” says Vladislav.

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