It is time to help the UK out of the EU

A lot has been written about Brexit already. Most articles, however, address the UK´s approach and much less attention has been paid to the European Union's strategy, even though the EU's approach to the UK's withdrawal negotiations is one of the causes of the current chaotic situation.

The key is to realize that it is the EU that could benefit from the UK´s successful withdrawal. A successful Brexit would show that EU membership is truly voluntary.

The EU strategy for negotiating Brexit conditions seems very successful and has led to an agreement with the British government. However, the British Parliament does not yet agree with the deal.

Thus, the EU strategy was only successful at one point – that the UK had to accept the EU's ideas on how the negotiations should be conducted.

The result was, among other things, that all negotiations on the withdrawal of Great Britain from the EU had to take place within two years, which is an extremely short time compared to the usual length of negotiations, for example, on EU accession agreements. An even greater problem was caused by the timing of the negotiations into various stages. As a result, much time has been spent on negotiating an only temporary solution.

So far, the EU seems to get what it wants in the Brexit negotiations. But the problem is that the EU has completely refused to talk about its vision of a future relationship with Great Britain. Obviously, it would not be a problem for the EU to accept the abolition of Article 50 activation and thus to welcome Great Britain back as a usual Member State. Nor would it be a problem for the EU to reclaim Great Britain as a member of the Single Market such as Norway (plus membership in the Customs Union).

However, neither of these two alternatives would give the UK anything that voters chose in the referendum. Unfortunately, there is no way back. Even if the British were to change their minds to leave the EU, it is not possible to come back in time. For democracy in Europe, it is extremely important to show the states that there are other ways than EU membership. Therefore, the EU should now help Great Britain to leave.

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