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Jourová ready to continue

Věra Jourová talked about the upcoming European Parliament elections, her work and its possible follow-up in the European Commission, and the relationship of the Czechs to the EU.

The Commissioner talked about her agenda, for example, about fighting for the abolition of dual quality food in the countries of the Union. "Even recently, some states have considered it fiction, I have heard that we must have more important things to do," Jourová said, adding that many tests show that the issue is real.

According to Jourová, the most important topic of the upcoming European elections is the economy, market prosperity, and job opportunities. "For a lot of Czechs, it is important that they have the opportunity to work abroad. Security is another issue. And the third issue is still migration," Jourová thinks. In this context, the Commission is building systems to help courts, police and public prosecutors to share information better and faster.

Jourová also mentioned the risk of the penetration of Russia and China into the European market. "We say: let's be partners because it is important for European industry while preserving what I call strategic autonomy at the same time," she said, adding that it is important for China not to be able to "shut us down“.

Jourová would like to continue her work as a European Commissioner; she even talked about the possibility of a stronger portfolio. She is close to the Internal Market. "By the way, the strength of a portfolio is also given by the extent to which you can talk to other commissioners on their agenda. The internal market is a topic that interferes with a huge number of different agendas," she explained. In this role, she would then focus on harmonizing a number of rules.

Also, the digital agenda would be interesting for Jourová. "This will be a portfolio that will be very much connected to the resources prepared in the Union budget for building a digital Europe and the development of artificial intelligence. From that, we promise a fairly substantial economic development," Jourová said, adding that she would not be interested in the portfolio of agriculture because she does not understand it.

To the criticism of the EU for its slowness, Jourová says that quick decisions are not the best. Strategic decisions are made on the outline of the European Council, unanimously in important cases. According to Jourová, that is the right way for decision-making.

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