Klaus: Civic Democrats have abandoned their ideals, a new party must emerge

A brand new right-wing party must be founded, former Czech President Václav Klaus said in reaction to a recent dispute between his son and the ODS party.

Klaus believes that the leadership of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS) and its MPs have been moving the party towards political insignificance. Party leader Petr Fiala responded that he has heard that all before. Václav Klaus’ Institute published its chairman’s statement online after the former President´s son Václav Klaus Jr. had been asked to leave the party’s Lower House caucus.

The party’s decision doesn’t come as a surprise, those people have got nothing in common with the original ODS and its ideals, wrote Klaus, adding that they are just fawning over ‘truth & love’ and political correctness. Klaus is one of the founders of the Civic Democratic Party and had led the party for many years. According to Klaus, sooner or later a brand new truly right-wing party has to emerge, for many years people were counting on the ODS, but that’s not an option anymore.

Party leader Fiala reminded that Klaus left ODS back in 2008 and was a face of the Sovereignty party campaign in 2013. If anyone abandoned ideals of the Civic Democracy, it was Klaus, said Fiala, adding that the party was established as a conservative-liberal party with a clear pro-Western direction.

The ODS Lower Chamber caucus has distanced itself from statements made earlier by its MP Václav Klaus Jr. He compared the approval process of the Chamber to the Jewish councils which were to decide on transports to Nazi concentration camps. Immediately after his speech, Fiala publicly apologized on behalf of the party. The party caucus later stated that Klaus Jr. has repeatedly damaged the reputation of the ODS.

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