Commentary Summit

Leaders of the EU and LAS discuss migration and security

At the historical first summit between the European Union and the League of Arab States (LAS), the 49 countries addressed migration, future stability, security and economic relations between the two regions. According to PM Babiš, who participated in the talks in Sharm El-Sheikh, local states and geopolitical leaders have to contribute to the settlement of the issues in the Middle East.

European and Arab foreign ministers met in Brussels early in February, but were unable to agree on a joint declaration. "It is not just a European issue," Babiš said before the start of the summit. According to him, thousands of illegal migrants are the main problem. In total, there are up to 6 million of them. "It costs a lot of money, and those people would like to come home. The region needs to be stabilized, so investors are not afraid to invest there and create a Marshal Plan for Syria," said Babiš.

The solution of the problem now lies, in particular, in the negotiations on the situation in Syria, which has not proceeded much so far. The whole thing, according to Babiš, should be dealt with at the UN Security Council. The United States, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Russia would then have to agree. He added that the problem of Europe is also a difference in opinions.

Babiš also visited Czech soldiers on the Sinai Peninsula and met with the Iraqi and Lebanese presidents and with his Egyptian counterpart, Abdal Fattah Sísi who called on the EU to strengthen the joint fight against terrorism, which he described as a dangerous plague. According to the Egyptian president, the fact that the summit is taking place is evidence that Europe and the Arab states are more interconnected than divided.

The Summit will be attended by representatives of 49 countries. President Donald Tusk and the European Commission's Chief Jean-Claude Juncker represent the European Union. Chancellor Angela Merkel and UK Prime Minister May are also due to arrive in Sharm El Sheikh.

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