Macron – the biggest populist of them all

The term populist has suffered from inflation and degeneration just as much as the term liberal. So, who is supposed to be a populist? A politician pandering to voters with simple solutions, right? Well, the most advanced form is a populist who is trying to flatter the whole electorate like Emmanuel Macron.

An ordinary populist understands it is impossible to flatter everyone. A good example is Donald Trump, who is liked by some while others cannot stand him, which is understandable given that different groups of people have different interests. But Macron is different; he is a much bigger populist than Viktor Orbán and Matteo Salvini combined.

Macron believes he is a superman. He demonstrated it last year regarding migration when he was beating Central European countries for rejecting the quotas. At the same time, however, France adopted one of the toughest immigration laws in Europe. Some politicians and political scientists, including Salvini, pointed out that Macron is the worst when it comes to a real number of rejected immigrants.

Then there is the green agenda and Marcon’s proclamations that he is going to be a green president despite the public discourse in his country. His high fuel taxes led to mass protests known as the yellow vests. Additionally, due to an outage caused by lower tax income, he is struggling with the state budget. And the EU has already sent him a warning for irresponsible handling of public funds.

With both migration and the energy issues, it is the same. Macron has been desperately trying to please all sides, but reality hit him hard. Populism for all doesn’t work. If someone is trying to flatter the whole electorate, usually isn’t flattering anyone in the end. Now, Macron’s approval ratings has hit a record low.

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