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Minister of Transport Ťok resigns

Czech Minister of Transport Dan Ťok (ANO) has decided to leave the government. PM Andrej Babiš accepts his decision and is to announce the name of Ťok´s successor after a meeting with President Miloš Zeman.

Dan Ťok, who has been in office since 2014, became the longest-serving Minister of Transport in the history of the independent Czech Republic since 1989. He has long been criticized for the rather slow construction of highways and the tender for the Czech toll system operator. When he announced his departure from the government, Ťok said that the criticism of his work was largely unjustified, but he acknowledged some of the mistakes and said he should have been more careful about what he promised.

According to his own words, Ťok said he is tired of politics and does not want to continue working in it. However, he is yet to consider whether or not he will leave his parliamentary mandate.

Prime Minister and Chairman of ANO Andrej Babiš appreciated the work of Ťok during his time in office. According to him, there is nothing Ťok should be ashamed of since, for example, he has been successful in fighting corruption. Unlike Ťok´s critics, PM Babiš thinks that the Czech toll system operator was selected transparently. Babiš also said that we should be grateful to Ťok for lowering the price of road construction and for starting the needed construction of highways.

The Prime Minister will accept Ťok's resignation but did not provide any details about his successor. He only said that the Ministry of Transport would need a manager in its leadership and that his new candidate was not from the ANO movement. Babiš is meeting with President Zeman today to decide on the new minister. Babiš also refused to comment on any further changes in ministerial positions. Most recently, the public and media have been speculating about the possible departure of the Minister of Industry and Trade, Marta Nováková (ANO).

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