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Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius remembered

About 40,000 people attended the Days of People of Good Will, one of the biggest church events commemorating the arrival of Slav missionaries Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius.

Charles Daniel Balvo, the Apostolic Nuncio to the Czech Republic, addressed the significance of Saints Cyril and Methodius as well as the challenges of the contemporary world. He also led the prayer at the solemn Mass, which concluded the traditional Saints Cyril and Methodius celebration at Velehrad.

“Today we are celebrating Saints Cyril and Methodius, two men, two brothers, who set out on their way from their home in Thessaloniki and began to proclaim the Gospel to our ancestors who had not yet known about Jesus Christ. They gave us an amazing inheritance: faith, prayer, chanting, language, traditions and much more," Balvo said.

According to the Apostolic Nuncio, today's world faces the same difficulties and challenges as the first Christian communities in Corinth. “There is so much injustice and evil present in society. There are so many different philosophies and religious alternatives to choose from,” he said.

In Balvo´s words, the mission entrusted to the Christian Church requires devotion and focused interest. "Believers are asked to give the best of what they are and what they have, and they must avoid everything that distracts them from focusing on Jesus Christ," he added.

The festivities commemorating the legacy of the Slav missionaries Saints Cyril and Methodius have been held every year since 2000. Currently, they are one of the largest Church events in the country. This year, visitors also got the opportunity to worship the so-called Czech Palladium, a picture of the Madonna and Child, which has been one of the symbols of Czech statehood for centuries.

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