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Secret services warn Europe is about to be hit by another migrant wave

The Italian and German secret services warn that Europe is expecting another migration wave. Though smugglers have pushed the price up to 3,000 euros, thousands of migrants are still trying to get to Europe from Libya. Italian secret services say there are many dangerous Islamists among them.

Germany warned against increasing migration pressure on Europe in mid-February. People smugglers are now looking for new ways to get illegal immigrants across the EU's external borders. They use luxury yachts, for example. The security services also think that the Russian mafia has embarked on a lucrative human trafficking business.

The Italian government is now conducting talks with representatives of the Libyan government and with Field Marshal Haftar. "There is a particular danger of a humanitarian crisis in Libya that we want to avert at any cost ... It is important to do everything we can to stabilize the country that is vital to North Africa, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and the EU," said Italian premier Giuseppe Conte.

The migration route from Libya across the Mediterranean Sea to Italy is one of the most dangerous, busiest and most popular after the so-called Balkan route from Turkey across Greece and the Balkan states to Central Europe.

Most refugees coming to Libya come from Sub-Saharan Africa. They are mainly from Nigeria, Gambia, Somalia, Côte d'Ivoire, Sudan, and Eritrea. For example, Germany reports that since the beginning of this year the number of Nigerians who have applied for asylum has risen sharply. 3,923 Nigerians applied for asylum in Germany in the first three months, only 554 in December last year.

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