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Sweet deception in the guise of AKK

A tale of a great political rebirth is going around Europe including the Czech Republic and its media.

According to the tale, the Christian Democratic Union of Germany has been turning slightly back to the right, generally speaking, towards common sense. Which, if true, could be of crucial importance for the whole EU.

Even though Merkel herself picked her as the heir, it turns out that new CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is not just a copy of Merkel. After all, she opposes Macron’s exaggerated plans for more Europe.

The tale starts with a foreign policy story of how AKK refused the French President’s idea for a Union-wide minimum wage. And it continues with a civilizational story of AKK not being apologetic about an politically incorrect joke about the third gender. These days, it requires strength to withstand shaming on Twitter.

However, the truth is simpler. Two and a half months ahead of the European elections, CDU has realized once again that, unlike before the elections in 2015, there is a strong rival on the right. Therefore, CDU fabricates a little more of a conservative statement now and then. In Macron’s case, it opposes his European integration vision and strongly refuses the common European debenture bonds. Which is something Merkel was against.

On the other hand, AKK is open to Macron’s plans in terms of the European army and foreign policy. Both of which is something Atlantists and NATO proponents don’t want to see. AKK has literally confirmed that the EU means an even greater emphasis on climate policy to her. A policy of biofuels, photovoltaics, mandatory energy tags on houses, stricter car regulations, etc.

Whoever is dreaming of the yellow vests in the streets of Europe has to wish her nothing but success. Her reaction to a social media outrage caused by the third gender joke was unexpected, and the joke itself felt staged. Although her defense was logical, it didn’t fit a conservative politician.

Overall, what characterizes AKK best is that she asses thoughts based on their potential to help with a future coalition-building. She is, just as Merkel was, pushing the CDU towards a strategic alliance with the Greens and happily adopting the leftist green quota. It looks like no real resurrection of the right can be expected in Germany.

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