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Tricolor movement attracts thousands of supporters

A month-and-a-half has been enough time for the Tricolor movement of MP Václav Klaus Jr. to reach over seven thousand people

At this moment, a month-and-a-half after the official introduction of the new political movement of Václav Klaus Jr., Tricolor has over seven thousand supporters, which is, for example, a thousand more than the Pirates.

The Tricolor movement will now try to turn supporters into members. If it succeeds to do so, the number of the Tricolor´s members would overtake ANO. “We have 7,200 registered supporters, i.e., people who told us they wanted to join the movement. Most of them will become members. Now we are building the whole party structure to reach the countryside as well,” says Klaus Jr., the founder of the movement.

In August, local associations of the movement are likely to be formed, followed by a tour across the Czech Republic. The constituent assembly of Tricolor is planned for the Czech Statehood Day on September 28th in Brno.

Tricolor is also successful in terms of finance. In just ten days since the movement has been established, its supporters sent almost 550,000 CZK to its transparent bank account.

However, as the example of the ANO movement shows, the number of members or supporters of a party does not affect election results. The winning ANO movement has 3,271 members and 714 applicants for membership. Compared to last year the party strengthened by 253 members.

The Pirates have also seen a growth in their membership base, having about 600 members last year and now reporting 947 party members and 6,310 supporters. The SPD under the leadership of its Chairman and founder Tomio Okamura is also rapidly recruiting with 11,077 applicants and 5,799 members, while in April it had 8,000 applicants and 4,453 members.

On the other hand, the number of members is decreasing in TOP 09 and parties with a long tradition such as KDU-ČSL or the Communists. Compared to last year, ODS has approximately the same number of supporters and the member of the government coalition, ČSSD, has not yet published their data, but it can be assumed that the number of its supporters has also decreased.

Social media also reflects the attractiveness of Tricolor. In the month since the Facebook profile has been established, it reached nearly 25,000 followers, roughly the same as STAN or KDU-ČSL while the ČSSD has only about 2,000 more. Facebook leaders among political parties are the Pirates and TOP 09, having about 119,000 fans each, followed by ANO with 105,000 supporters.

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