V4 military

V4 military cooperation is a Czech priority

The preparation of the Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Slovak troops for joint deployment abroad is among the defense priorities of the Czech presidency of the Visegrad Four, Czech Defense Minister Lubomír Metnar said at a meeting with his V4 counterparts.

According to Metnar, the Czech Republic wants to promote a unified approach within NATO and the EU in creating joint military groupings. The Czech Minister emphasized that the V4 countries have common defense interests and that the joint battle groupings are the V4´s flagship.

According to Slovak Defense Minister Peter Gajdoš, a high level of the joint combat group´s readiness for deployment within the EU Battle Group project has been apparent during the Slovak presidency of the V4. The joint V4 unit will be ready by this July when the Czech Republic is to take over the V4 presidency from Slovakia.

Metnar said that the Czech Republic would contribute 600 troops to the battle group. He added that the soldiers assigned to the V4 battle group would be on alert in their countries. Metnar identified the Balkan region as a possible place to deploy the joint unit.

Representatives of the Central European Defense Cooperation – V4 countries, Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia – participated in the negotiations in Piešťany, Slovakia. Ministers or their representatives discussed the PESCO (Permanent Structured Cooperation) project aimed to strengthen European security and defense cooperation, as well as the October joint exercise of the grouping which is to take place in Hungary.

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