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V4 was significant in choosing EC President

German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen is to become the new European Commission President. It is good news for the Czech Republic and the V4, even though it raises a few questions. V4 representatives, thanks to whom Frans Timmermans was blocked, were nevertheless loud in Brussels, which is clearly good.

It is worth noting that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was clearly the leader of the group of V4 countries at the EU summit. While many "experts" consider him to be isolated in the EU, this assumption is nothing but a wishful projection. Pursuing Orbán´s isolation is a pure calculus since he and his people act pragmatically and quite constructively. Even the former head of the European Parliament Martin Schultz admitted that electing Ursula von der Leyen is a victory of Victor Orbán. 

It is very positive that EU leaders agreed on von der Leyen almost unanimously. Only German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in whose governments von der Leyen worked for years, abstained from the voting. However, nobody voted against the nominee.

Apparently, the EU decided not to make a choice that would cause further divisions among the Member States. Moreover, the favored socialist Timmermans also aggravated other prime ministers who are members of the European People's Party, the strongest faction in the European Parliament.

Von der Leyen as the President of the European Commission is good news for a number of reasons. She is a conservative representative and an experienced politician. Also, how many people in the world can raise seven children and still build a very solid career? Probably not that many and there is no doubt that it requires extraordinary abilities.

However, it will be interesting to watch how successful von der Leyen is going to be with the European Parliament which will decide her future.

Except for the success in electing the next European Commission President, another important moment was the election of Christine Lagarde as the new European Central Bank leader. She is a very experienced woman whose task will be extremely difficult.

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