Václav Klaus releases new book

"There is no doubt that we live in a politically frustrating time," said Václav Klaus at the launch of his new book “Václav Klaus still on the go” in one of Prague's largest bookstores.

Klaus does not see the reasons for frustration in Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) or the Pirates but in the failure of the opposition right-wing ODS and the left-wing government ČSSD. According to him, these parties have backed out of a significant role in Czech politics.

"I think there is no doubt that we live in a politically frustrating time. This is what the vast majority of us think, whether we are inclining to the left, right, north or south," said Klaus who stood behind the establishment of ODS and was its chairman for 11 years.

"I see the reasons for this frustration in the total failure of the two main political parties ODS and ČSSD, which led the Czech Republic in the first decade of its post-communist history and which lost everything while backing out of their significant role in Czech politics. If I blame anyone, it is the leaders of these two political parties, not the other ones, which got their voices for free after the main parties resigned from their leading role," he added.

While launching his new book, Klaus also mentioned the departure of Britain from the European Union. According to him, the "huge victory" after the referendum on the withdrawal became a "total loss".

"In principle, the ultimate impact of Brexit was not the question of whether the UK would remain in the EU or not. Brexit was about giving the people of Europe a chance to resist the monstrous European Union, showing that it is possible for most citizens of one European Union country to dare to resist, to have the courage to do so," noted the former president.

Last week, EU leaders, including British Prime Minister Theresa May, agreed on another Brexit postponement, this time by the end of October. However, Brexit might come earlier if the Brexit deal is ratified.

Klaus also commented on Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he says he does not demonize and considers him a rational and pragmatic politician. "I always emphasize that he is extremely hardworking, ready," Klaus said. According to him, in this regard, Putin differs from most Czech politicians.

Václav Klaus was Minister of Finance, Prime Minister for over five years, Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies for four years and President of the Czech Republic for ten years. Currently, he is the head of the Václav Klaus Institute, he lectures, travels and often expresses his opinion on domestic and foreign politics.

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