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Babiš: We need the U.S.

The Czech Prime Minister visited the U.S. last week on a successful mission with his wife. According to Andrej Babiš, his visit to the White House was just the beginning.

We had great chemistry, Donald Trump was really natural and in a good mood, Babiš told MF DNES. He also reiterated his invitation to Trump’s daughter Ivanka for a business forum to be held in Prague.

Babiš asked the President to introduce him to his daughter as she plays an important role in the White House. Czech President Miloš Zeman together with the Czech ambassador to the U.S. came up with a business conference in which Ivanka was invited to take part, said Babiš, adding that it would be a great event for the media as well as for the strengthening of Czech-U.S. relations.

During my visit to the U.S., we established a good foundation for a relationship with Mr. Trump, a good foundation that can be built on in the future, he said.

According to Babiš, Poland is, among the Visegrad countries, the most important ally of the U.S. We are a part of NATO thus the U.S. is our ally, he added. He pointed out what role the UN Security Council members play in world affairs. Babiš also revealed that Trump was rather skeptical about U.S. talks with the EU regarding customs tariffs.

The Czech PM also mentioned a brief meeting with U.S. Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan. The two had a chance to discuss the potential purchase of American helicopters for the Czech army.

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