Zeman: I am a lobbyist for Czech business

At a meeting with Czech and Hungarian entrepreneurs in Budapest, Czech President Miloš Zeman, who is on a three-day visit to Hungary, called himself a lobbyist for Czech companies.

Thirty representatives from Czech companies accompanied the President to Hungary. At a joint meeting with Hungarian entrepreneurs and chairmen of respective chambers of commerce Vladimír Dlouhý and László Parragh, President Zeman highlighted the growing volume of mutual trade. According to the Czech Ambassador in Budapest Juraj Chmiel, Hungary is the tenth most important trading partner of the Czech Republic.

However, Czech-Hungarian economic relations also deal with some problems, even though they are "really small". For example, Zeman criticized investment incentives, which Czech companies do not receive in Hungary, despite that the incentives in the opposite direction flow quite easily. On the other side, the cooperation between Czech arms manufacturers and the Hungarian army is excellent, Zeman said.

During his visit, the Czech President also plans to tour the Paks nuclear power plant on Thursday. The Hungarian government wants to build two more nuclear units in the power plant. Zeman stated that Paks has the same issues with the construction as any other new power plant in Europe - time delays and budget overruns. At the same time, he expressed the hope that Czech companies could also participate in the completion of the new units through certain subcontracts.

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