Budapest bridge dons Scottish colors

The Chain Bridge, one of the Hungarian capital's best-known landmarks will don the blue-and-white colors of the Scottish flag (Scottish Gaelic: bratach na h-Alba) in honor of St. Andrew's day.

There will be of course a festive speech by British ambassador Iain Lindsay and a bagpipe band, a press release from the British Embassy said.

The festive lighting is a joint initiative of Duncan Graham, President of the St. Andrew's Association gathering the Scots in Hungary and Ambassador Lindsay.

Duncan_Graham_Iain Lindsay

Duncan Graham (L) and Iain Lindsay (image: St. Andrew's Association, Facebook)

But what makes the Chain Bridge so special for Scots? The fact that it was designed by the English engineer William Tierney Clark and built by the Scottish engineer Adam Clark. It was also the first permanent bridge across the Danube in Hungary, opened in 1849.

After completing the Chain Bridge, Adam Clark stayed in Hungary, married a member of the Hungarian aristocracy and died of lung disease in 1866. While practically unknown in Scotland, he is a household name in Hungary and even had a square named after him in 1912, the square that connects the bridge he built with the tunnel he subsequently designed and built, the Buda Tunnel.

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