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English football fans take revenge on historic 6:3 loss

England finally took its revenge on the historic 6:3 home defeat against Hungary in 1953, as three Englishmen bought a controlling stake in the “6:3” wine bar in Budapest’s 9th district.

And the bar didn’t just get its name from the “Match of the Century”: it was established and ran for a long time by Nándor Hidegkuti, forward of the Hungarian “Golden Team”, who scored a hat-trick in that most famous of matches.

One of the new owners, New York born Stephen Saraccco came to Hungary during the Balkans war as a reporter, but fell in love with the country’s folk music and folk dances, stayed and married a Hungarian woman.

As a regular of the bar, he heard that the owner – an old lady called Marika, who bought the bar from Hidegkuti when the former player became the coach of an Egyptian team in the 1970s – was thinking of retirement and selling the establishment.

One thing led to another, Stephen teamed up with a Hungarian interior designer, a Canadian-Hungarian firm and another Englishman, Andy Cartwright and bought equal shares in the bar, on the condition that they would keep the original concept and spirit of the place.

The bar has a healthy mix of English, Scottish and Hungarian regulars.

Title image: The new English co-owners of the Budapest wine bar “6:3”. L to R: Martin, Stephen and Andy. (Magyar Nemzet/ István Mirkó)

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