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House Speaker: We are choosing a future

This will not be a choice between parties but about choosing a future, Speaker of the House László Kövér said at an EP election campaign meeting in Siófok, Central Hungary.

“We are going to decide whether we want a European leadership that values the preservation of the foundations of a Christian Europe or another path that sees the future of the continent in a mass swap of people and cultures,” Kövér said.

He said Hungarian voters must send an unequivocal signal to Brussels that migration must be stopped.

He said that while Europeans across the continent consider migration and terrorism the most important issues, “the mainstream politicians who also rule Brussels” are doing everything in their power to divert attention to the rule of law, the “ungratefulness of the Eastern European nations” and climate change.

Kövér said that according to a recent German opinion poll 31 percent of voters there now consider migration the top issue, but climate change has taken the lead with 32 percent, indicating the effectiveness of the brainwashing of the so-called “independent and non-partisan” media.

He said according to current plans, Hungary stands to lose the most from an overhaul of the EU budget as it could see its subsidies slashed by 25 percent.

Title image: Speaker of the House László Kövér at a campaign event (MTI/Boglárka Bodnár)

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