Famous Hungarian historical novel gets spectacular musical makeover

"Eclipse of the Crescent Moon", the most famous Hungarian historical novel and one of the most popular Hungarian novels overall will have a spectacular musical overhaul in the country's largest indoors sports hall, Budapest Aréna.

The 1899 romantic historical novel by Géza Gárdonyi is set in the mid-16th century and portrays the heroic fight of the defenders of Eger Castle against the invading Ottoman forces, complete with romance, betrayal and epic battle scenes.

It was first made into a musical 22 years ago, and now one of the musical's authors, Mátyás Várkonyi said it was time for "renewing the performance, giving it more power in a much larger venue".

The musical - one of the mainstays of contemporary Hungarian entertainment - has been going for over twenty years with the same cast, having been performed in over 50 different venues and attracting more than 200,000 viewers.

Now, however, the original cast will be entirely refreshed, with only four of the original members still on stage.

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