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Hungarian Post issues phishing alert

Bank clients are regularly exposed to phishing (fraudulent attempts to obtain sensitive information), but the Hungarian Post issued an alert on Tuesday that its customers might also be in danger.

The Hungarian Post said the number of phishing attempts targeting its customers has risen at an alarming rate, with malicious e-mails now targeting companies as well as banks – including the post.

These are usually unrequested e-mails, either asking for confirmation of e-mail addresses and associated passwords, banking details and the PIN numbers and passwords thereof. The most common methods are messages notifying customers that they have won a prize in a competition or draw they did not even enter.

The post said that while they do have regular promotional offers, these are always pre-announced on their website, thus any “winning” that is not part of those, will be fraudulent. It also advises its customers to check the actual e-mail address where the offers come from, as these often only differ from the legitimate post web address by a few characters.

Incorrect usage of the Hungarian language and/or missing specific accentuation marks are further giveaways.

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