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Hungarian women up in arms over Mothers’ Day ad

A Mothers’ Day ad by Magyar Telekom highlighting the difficulties of working mothers has backfired and caused serious outrage among women.

The advert starts with what looks like a classroom festivity for Mothers’ Day, with mothers gathering to watch their children honor them with some sort of performance. Instead, a screen is brought in on which several children’s video messages are screened.

The messages contain typical working parent excuses for breaking promises made to their children and concludes with “If you spend just four additional minutes a day with the others, that will add up to a whole day in a year.”

Both the YouTube video page and Magyar Telekom’s Facebook page has been flooded with negative comments from women. One reads: “This is very low. Inducing mothers’ guilt on Mothers’ Day? Seriously?”

The other most frequent criticism is that the three-minute clip has not a single reference to fathers, who are also supposed to be equally supportive of their children.

Despite the hundreds of negative comments and an overwhelmingly negative YouTube rating, Magyar Telekom remains unapologetic and considers the ad a success.

“Telekom considers it an absolute success that it managed to generate a discourse about this while also holding a curved mirror and pointing out how, instead of excuses, spending time together is more important and valuable,” the company said in a press release.

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