Hungary to benefit from Croatian EU presidency

Hungary will again stand to benefit when Croatia assumes the revolving presidency of the European Union, state minister for EU policies Szabolcs Takács said.

Takács said when Croatia assumes the revolving EU presidency on January 1st, 2020, it will again be a neighboring country committed to the further enlargement of the Union. He was speaking after a Budapest meeting with his Croatian counterpart, Andreja Metelko-Zgombić.

Takács added Hungary will do everything to help Croatia successfully absolve its first presidency. The rotating presidency of the EU changes every six months and it is currently held by another neighbor of Hungary, Romania. The previous president was neighboring Austria. In the second half of the year Finland assumes the presidency.

He said that due to their geographical position both Hungary and Croatia are interested in the implementation of a 2018 EU resolution concerning cooperation with the Western Balkans and the EU-Turkey agreement.

He said that while pro-migration Brussels bureaucracy is attempting to hide the problems caused by migration, this is still going on through the Balkans route and close cooperation on the matter will still be required in the future.


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