Minister Varga: Western Europe abandoning its identity

Western Europe does not consider its identity worth preserving, Finance Minister Mihály Varga said at an EP electoral forum in Budapest.

Speaking about migration, Varga said the worst possible combination is for a country to be rich and weak and unable to defend itself, while also being a desirable target for migrants. He said there was a clear connection between migration and terrorism and it was a sad phenomenon that Western European countries were late to realize that migration must be stopped.

He said the stakes of the upcoming European elections are higher than ever as these will determine whether Europe will have pro-migration leaders or ones who want to defend Christian culture.

Varga said that unlike the majority of Europeans, the Brussels elite does not consider migration a threat, but rather a phenomenon that cannot be stopped, hence Europe must adapt to it. In contrast, Hungary has proven that migration on land can be stopped while Italy showed that it can also be stopped at sea.

He quoted a United Nations study according to which 60 million Africans want to move to Europe and that with water becoming scarcer, the situation will only deteriorate. Varga said Hungary remains a firm proponent of delivering help to where it is needed instead of taking in millions of migrants.

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