Study shows most Central Europeans oppose migration

Three quarters of Central Europeans are against migration, a recent Hungarian study shows.

61 million of the 83 million population from nine Central and Eastern European countries are opposed to migration, a recent study by Hungarian think-tank Nézőpont Intézet shows.

The study - done via phone interviews with 1,000 people from each of nine countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia) showed that most respondents believe migration coming from outside Europe is a bad thing and only 16 million think it is good.

The ratio of those opposed to migration is the highest in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Hungary, but even in the most lenient of the nine, Poland, those in favor of migration only amount to nine million while opponents are 22 million.

In Hungary, seven of the country's eight million voters oppose migration, putting the number of supporters around one million, while the number of supporters is below one million in each of Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia.

31 million of the population from the nine countries have a negative opinion on billionaire financier George Soros and 14 million have a positive one, while 38 million have either never heard of him or have no opinion. The study - conducted on representative samples of over-18s - has an error margin of 3.5 percent.

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