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Opinion: Orbán and Salvini build an effective alliance

The Hungarian visit of Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini may have been short, but its importance goes beyond the two countries, Magyar Nemzet columnist Petra Halkó writes.

The Orbán-Salvin meeting displayed three key things Europe badly needs nowadays: a will for action, the means to do it and a long-term goal.

The meeting has again shown that in countries small and large answers can be found to dilemmas such as economic vs demographic growth and stopping migration – but the essential ingredient is to identify a viable solution and then act on it.

In this respect, Hungary and Italy are in the same situation and they have proven that such things are possible. Italy managed to halt immigration at sea and Hungary did it on the ground.

Both countries obeyed European laws while also remaining true to their goal and defended the external borders of the European Union. Taking a closer look at the policies of the two countries, the most important common element is that both leaderships are sovereign, govern according to national interests and their fundamental motivation is patriotism.

While the starting point of the current rift in European politics was migration, the real question is whether member states will be able to preserve their sovereignty, their capacity for action or will they be governed by a select political elite that has abandoned the fundamental values of European Christian civilization.

The significance of the Orbán-Salvini meeting is that it demonstrated the essence of the European project: the peaceful cooperation of member states based on mutual respect and common interests.

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