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PM Orbán after Trump meeting: This was a good day for Hungary

“This was a good day for Hungary,” a visibly satisfied Viktor Orbán said in a short video posted on his Facebook page following his meeting with US President Donald Trump. The meeting was the first top-level US-Hungarian meet in 14 years.

"Well, we have done this - nostalgic feelings: once again in the Oval Office of the White House after eighteen years,” Orbán said. “For the first time - back in 1998 – it was with Bill Clinton, later with (George W.) Bush.”

“This is a different kind of leader: a strong, clear-headed one. A goal-oriented leader who knows exactly what he wants. He knew everything he had to know about Hungary and his goal was to forge a good cooperation between Hungary and the United States. I think we have done a lot today in that sense. It was a meeting with an excellent atmosphere, based on mutual respect. This was a good day for Hungary."

Title image:Viktor Orbán (L) and Donald Trump (R) in the Oval Office of the White House (source: Viktor Orbán’s Facebook page)

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