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Russian groups demand fine against Putin’s bike stunt

Several Russian groups have reported President Vladimir Putin to police, demanding that he should be fined for not wearing a helmet during his weekend publicity stunt at a bike festival in Crimea.

On Saturday, Putin attended the 10th “Shadow of Babylon” international bike show organized by the patriotic motorcycle group Night Wolves in Sevastopol. He was riding an iconic Soviet-made Ural sidecar motorcycle.

The first such complaint was filed by a lawyer from Vladivostok, Maxim Chukhunov to the Sevastopol traffic police. According to his complaint, Putin “was seen riding a bike in the company of unidentified individuals”. He demanded that Putin be fined 1,000 rubles (EUR 13) for not wearing a helmet.

The Federal Protective Service (FSO), the state agency tasked with the protection of high-ranking officials said that on the road stretch in question public traffic rules did not apply at the time.


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