Today's EPP would exclude Helmut Kohl

Europe belongs to the Europeans. If a family party denies this, it is no longer worthy of the name "people's party". Helmut Kohl was aware of this, writes columnist László Bertha.

Half a century at the helm of the Christian-Democratic Union and sixteen years at the helm of Germany, Helmuth Kohl was one of the greatest figures of 20th century Germany. He became the Chancellor of German unity, thanks to whom the East German protestors' 1989 slogan "Wir sind das Volk" (We are the people) received new meaning in 1990 when it became "Wir sind Ein Volk" (We are one nation).

In his 1996 book, Kohl - still as a Chancellor - wrote "It was always my firm conviction that if a nation stands up for itself, it will pass the muster of history".

But he was more than just a German politician - he was also a visionary unifier of Europe, a cardinal point during his life and the North Star in his death. Some though, fail to see this North Star.

Helmut Kohl's dream was a Europe that is the alliance of free and independent nations, preserving its Christian culture, its treasured heritage and values. A few years ago, he said "no one wants an all-powerful, centralized and bureaucratic mammoth institution that distances itself from the member states and the citizens".

Yet, Brussels has chosen this very path, disregarding the vision of its founders and the wish of the people. And the European People's Party is no exception. It has turned against itself and imposed an ultimatum on one of the last parties that still continue Kohl's heritage. At the time, Fidesz joined the EPP at Kohl's invititation.

And now the party is being ostracized for remaining true to his heritage. To a Kohl who saw very clearly what Hungarians truly are. As he wrote:

"One cannot understand Hungarian history and the spirit of its nation without acknowledging their unconditional desire for freedom, inextricably linked to the right for self-determination of both the nation and the individual. Hungarians have always fought passionately for this freedom. They can be halted on this road, but cannot be dissuaded from it."

Some have abandoned this road. We will not.

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