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Three-week joint US-Hungarian military exercise

Two weeks into a three-week-long joint US-Hungarian military exercise in the country’s western Bakony mountains, the big guns have come into play, national news agency MTI reports.

This month, some 4,000 Hungarian troops and their NATO allies are holding a series of five military exercises in the area, with the participation of special operation units, infantry, armored vehicles and the support of some 40 military helicopters.


Brigadier General Zsolt Sándor said the general scope of the exercises was to improve cooperation and interoperability across troops belonging to various NATO member states, while the more immediate goals are to rehearse reconnaissance, target acquisition, artillery guidance, artillery support for mixed operations and convoy guard and support.

The exercise is part of a larger US-led NATO exercise codenamed Saber Guardian 2019, which is comprised of a series of simultaneous and successive exercises in Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, North Macedonia, Romania and Slovenia.

Russia has deployed a surveillance ship from the port of Sevastopol to the Bulgarian Black Sea coast to monitor the exercises.

Title image: Troops taking part in the Breakthrough 2019 joint Hungarian-US military exercise in the western Bakony mountains (MTI)

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